China boliviana (Chin-b)

Source Information
Source Information

Cinchona Boliviana (a variety of Cinchona calisaya growing further north). N. O. Rubiaceae. Tincture of bark.

Clinical: Aphthae. Corns. Coryza. Hands, red. Mouth, commissures ulcerated. Pneumonia. Wry-neck.

Characteristics: China bolivianaChin-b. was proved by Modiedo, and the proving is accepted by Hering. It presents the main features of China officinalisChin., but some are peculiar and deserve separate mention. Among these are: Ulceration of commissures of mouth. Cough with dagger-like pains in base of right lung. Rigidity of nape of neck. Hands red; hot; or cold and sticky. There is also sticky sweat about anus. Flatulence, disturbed and dreamful sleep, and sensitiveness to touch are common to both.


1. mind: Cowardice. Gloom alternating with serenity. Alternation of bad and good humour. Fits of rage, blasphemes.

2. head: Vertigo as after a drunken fit, voracious appetite. Headache in morning on awaking; leaves during the day, or lasts all day and leaves during sleep.

3. eyes: Violent pains like a stab in l. eye, followed by itching and tears.

4. ears: Detonation as of a cannon in r. ear. Ringing, humming, whistling sounds.

5. nose: Much sneezing on awaking with smell of fresh pus. Sensation of incipient cold with tight feeling and pain in throat. Violent cold in head. Mucus from posterior nares.

6. face: Aphthae on inner surface of lips; ulceration of commissures.

8. mouth: Mouth bitter, morning on waking.

9. throat: Constriction and burning in throat.

10. appetite: Hunger, or lack of appetite; repugnance to meat. After eating: weight in stomach; cold; sneezing; sleepy and desire to sleep in evening.

11. stomach: Much gas rises from stomach.

12. abdomen: Pain in both hypochondria and under ribs on waking in the morning. Pain in splenic region.

13. anus: Biting in anus as from worms; excoriated sensation. Viscous sweat on anus.

15. male sexual organs: Pollutions exceedingly weakening. Excoriation on inner and lower part of prepuce. Gleet and ulceration of prepuce.

17. respiratory organs: Cough with pain in r. lung, as from a dagger buried there; at times makes breathing laborious; burning in eyes; extremities cold. Unbearable pain in r. lung, extends to region of liver, sensitive to touch.

20. neck and back: Nape of neck rigid, cannot turn head to r.; any sudden movement causes a snap or crack. Wry-neck. Pain in: l. shoulder; in l. buttock, and also in r. hip-bone on sitting up in bed.

22. upper limbs: Hands red; vessels distended. Hands hot, even in cold and rainy weather. Hands cold, sticky.

23. lower limbs: Legs and feet icy cold, as if blown on by wintry wind. Painful corns.

26. sleep: Dreams: of sea; of fishes; of swimming; of bathing; of journeys by land and sea; of vomiting worms.