Cuprum sulphuricum (Cupr-s)

Source Information

Sulphate of Copper. Cu SO4 5H2O. Trituration.


Alopecia. Diarrhoea. Dysentery. Eyes, granular lids; catarrhal and purulent conjunctivitis. Itch. Syphilis. Trachoma.

Characteristics: Sulphate of Copper is a well-known emetic and caustic.

It causes forcible vomiting and much nausea. Paleness of face; or jaundiced appearance; pale skin generally; a peculiar diarrhoea; enlarged liver.

J. D. Tyrrell (Med. Adv.], xix. 14) mentions the case of a lady who could not use Cuprum sulphuricumCupr-s for "stamping" fancywork, because it "made her face hurt and swell so she could scarcely see, and her lips became everted, "turned inside out," she said." It is a well-known application in allopathic practice for stimulating flabby granulations, and it has cured itching eruptions, and manifestations of syphilis.

Rest > pains.


It is antidoted by:

Milk; eggs; pure yellow prussiate of potash.


Kalium bichromicumKali-bi. (cough) and Mercurius solubilis (Hahnemanni)Merc.


1. mind: Anxiety; or great apathy. Remarkable disturbance of mind, every utterance distorted.

2. head: Bald spot over r. parietal bone, not depending on any discoverable cause.

3. eyes: Twitching of closed lids. Eyes stiff and dim.

6. face: Lips pale, bluish, at corners and internal edges. Face painful and swollen so she can scarcely see; lips turned inside out.

8. mouth: Tongue cold; coated, bluish. Greenish tint along free border of gums. Burning in mouth and oesophagus in morning.

11. stomach: Excessive nausea; forcible vomiting returning from time to time; vomits greenish-brown mucus. Violent pain in stomach followed by faintness.

12. abdomen: Tearing pains in hypochondria, on inspiration, painful to touch as if bruised. Liver enlarged. Abdomen drawn in.

13. stool: Four pultaceous greenish-yellow stools, without the least trace of blood. Stool pultaceous, brown-red, with streaks of blood and tenesmus during stool. Constipation.

17. respiratory organs: Hacking cough which impedes respiration. Croupy cough with very tenacious mucus.

19. heart: Feeling as of a throbbing lump in heart internally, beating of heart seems louder; lasted five minutes and went away gradually.

21. limbs: Limbs cold, nearly cyanotic. Dull aching soreness in middle of tibia, when walking; > at rest; tenderness on pressure.

25. skin: Pale, colourless. Icterus. Itching nodules on shoulders. Itchiness; a kind of dry itch.